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Bainbridge Island is a positive, unique, and connected community. There are very few degrees of separation between us. We help each other because we know and care about each other.

Statistics tell us what we already feel: that a balanced and diverse community is a healthier and happier community with more trust and less crime, more social mobility, and longer lives.

People are at the heart and soul of what we do, and many of our neighbors are struggling and even leaving the Island because of the high cost of housing. Some are young with families, some are retired, some are disabled, and many do vital work here that keeps the community going. But all want to be here to contribute to this place that we love and to be able to say, “This is home.”

HRB relies on the support of donors to maintain our housing, to operate our programs, and to create more housing opportunities so that everyone who makes Bainbridge Island a special place is able to live here and call it home.

A healthier, more balanced Bainbridge is what HRB is all about.

We appreciate your donation.

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