Ferncliff residentsHomeShare matches those with space available in their homes who need extra income or help around the house with those who work on the island and need an affordable housing opportunity.  HRB screens applicants and matches them with local residents.

You may be a HomeShare provider if

  • you have an extra bedroom.
  • you could use assistance with chores, housework or errands.
  • you are looking for a way to supplement your income.
  • you would like companionship.

You may be a HomeShare seeker if

  • you are looking for affordable housing.
  • you are willing to help out around the house or yard.
  • you are responsible and flexible.

For your safety, we offer the following services:

  • advice on the HomeShare Program
  • contact information for a suitable match
  • background checks
  • periodic follow-up checks

How can I apply to become a HomeShare provider or seeker?

Call Penny Lamping, (206) 842-1909 ext. 10. You can also email for more information on this program.

Download an application here—be sure to include the Accusearch form with your submitted application: