Homeownership Housing

FerncliffHRB has 42 homes in the Community Land Trust for Bainbridge Island. Completed in 2016, our Ferncliff Village neighborhood consists of 24 single family homes and 16 townhomes. The Sparrows Condominiums have 2 units.

When a current homeowner is ready to sell their home, we go to our waiting list to find a buyer for that home. Please follow the steps below to be added to our waiting list. The waiting list is the best way to learn when a house is for sale.

1. Complete the online Orientation.

2. Review the Basic Information Sheet and Eligibility Requirements to see if you are eligible or could become eligible.

3. Review the following documents: Homebuyer Checklist, Ground Lease Basics, Fee Schedule, and Financing Information.

4. Complete and send in your Homeownership Application.

5. Complete a Homebuyer Education Class. Look here for classes.

6. Homeownership Staff will review your application and contact you.

Email Phedra Elliott or call her at any time to ask questions or to discuss your situation: (206) 842-1909, ext. 16.

We are here to help you.