HRB Board

Linda Lincoln, Chair

Linda is the Vice President Branch Manager for HomeStreet Bank on Bainbridge Island. She has been in the finance industry for over 40 years. Linda has a history as an affordable housing advocate, having served as past President for Habitat for Humanity, Medford Oregon. She has been on the board of Housing Resources Bainbridge since 2013. Linda understands the need for workforce housing and the need to maintain economic diversity in our community.

Kristin Larson​, Secretary

Kristin moved to Bainbridge Island six years ago, having been raised in Minnesota and later moved to Austin, Texas. She has worked as an attorney and a foundation executive and now works in special education for the Bainbridge Island School District. Kristin loves living on Bainbridge and is committed to the goal of affordable housing for families at every stage in their lives.

Bruce Eremic, Treasurer

Originally from Virginia, Bruce is a long time resident of Bainbridge Island. He moved to the island in 1990 and attended the schools from Wilkes Elementary to Bainbridge High School and is an Alumnus of the University of Washington. Having seen Bainbridge Island transform from a heavily wooded county territory to the beautiful and thriving city that it is now; he is a dedicated advocate for affordable housing and sustainable development. He has strong background in community banking with a career focused on stewardship and support of the community in which he lives and works.

Margaret Celestino

Margaret moved to Bainbridge Island in 2003 after opening a Massage Therapy practice here. “I felt fortunate a couple years later to find an apartment in Janet West Home where I could be closer to the office and continue the work I love.”  Originally from upstate New York, M. Lily came to Seattle 20 years ago to study massage and decided to stay. Her main avocation is the Dances of Universal Peace.  She has been leading the Dances for 13 years in Kitsap County, 8 of those on Bainbridge.  “I am hoping my work with HRB will in some way help to give back for the affordable housing I have so appreciated, allowing me to live and work here on this lovely island I call home.”

Craig Clark

Jesse Fairbank

Born and raised on Bainbridge Island, Jesse works with the family business, Fairbank Construction.  He feels that diversity in people and in housing is essential to keeping Bainbridge a healthy and interesting community.   Being involved in construction most of his life, he has built many beautiful homes and wants to see more housing options available for everyone that wants to call Bainbridge Island home.

Tina Gilbert

A former HRB Board member, Tina is construction project manager and owns OTWB, a local project management consulting firm.  She has been in the construction business for 35 years and finds all aspects of it fascinating.  She feels housing is a basic element that is required for anyone to succeed.  Not of all us are fortunate enough to have this basic need addressed and she wants to do what she can to ensure that everyone on Bainbridge is housed and that those who work here have housing they can afford.

Jacque Kaseler

With over 20 years of experience helping home owners and buyers with financing residential real estate in the mortgage industry, Jacque understands the barriers that real people face when trying to purchase a home.  She has lived in resort communities, like Vail and Maui, with similar constraints on access to affordable housing.   Wanting to help people find stability and live in the communities they work, Jacque joined HRB in 2017.

Ross Lambert

Ross is an HRB resident and strong believer in the need for affordable housing. Originally from the Detroit area, Ross is a graduate of Oberlin College and holds a Masters of Architecture from the University of Washington.  Ross works a large interdisciplinary design firm in Seattle that specializes in multi-family housing and mixed-use projects.  Outside of work, Ross makes furniture and enjoys exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Sarah Sydor

Sarah is a long time Windermere Real Estate agent and has lived on the Island for 15 years.  She has always been interested in affordable housing and in 2017, volunteered her time and expertise to help HRB with two resales at Ferncliff Village.  Since then, she has become more involved with HRB and joined the board in 2018.