Suzuki Property: A Chance to Add Permanently Affordable Housing on Bainbridge

Last week, the Bainbridge Island City Council supported making the Suzuki property development at least 50% affordable. Councilmembers also expressed their desire to push for the development to get to an even higher level of affordability and unanimously agreed that housing that is affordable to a broad range of people is important for Suzuki.

Just as encouraging was the Council’s discussion about affordability and the potential for expanding the definition to include those in the “missing middle,” meaning those who aren’t eligible for housing that is funded by public sources but are still finding it very hard to live on Bainbridge Island.

The Suzuki property could offer excellent housing options for a broad range of citizens. At the Council meeting, Olympic Property Group’s Jon Rose unveiled a thoughtful preliminary site plan that clusters the housing and leaves 70% of the parcel as open space with trees retained and the pond untouched. It encourages walkability and lessens impervious surfaces. Both of these are good for the environment and for affordability because they lessen cost.

If you missed OPG’s presentation, you can find it here.

HRB is committed to continuing to work with OPG, Housing Kitsap, and the City of Bainbridge Island on Suzuki so that all Bainbridge Islanders benefit from housing that is affordable.