Bainbridge Needs YOU at HRB Fall Fundraising Breakfast

Ferncliff work crewThe always-popular HRB Fall Fundraising Breakfast happens only 25 days from today. There still are seats available but now is the time to make your reservations.

You know how special Bainbridge is. It’s a positive, vibrant, connected community. We’re all just a few degrees apart. That’s one of the reasons we feel at home here and we feel secure.

But escalating rents and real estate prices threaten the social and cultural diversity of Bainbridge Island. Many of our neighbors are struggling and even leaving the Island because of the high cost of housing. Some are young with families, some are retired, some are disabled, and many do vital work here that keeps the community going.

Fall FundraiserTo keep Bainbridge great we need to make sure that the great people who make it that way can afford to live here. That is HRB’s mission: to support our community through housing that people can afford.

So join us November 2 for a free breakfast at Wing Point Country Club to hear your Bainbridge neighbors share their stories of home and community. We hope those stories will move you to give generously to help enhance the diversity and vitality of this place we love.

Click here to make your reservation or click here to make a donation.