Penny Lamping

HRB’s Penny Lamping to Join National & Regional Experts on Housing Panel

Penny Lamping, HRB’s HomeShare Program Manager, will be visiting Seattle this Saturday to address the topic of Home Share programs. Lamping will be joined on the discussion panel by Gene Balk who writes the “FYI Guy” column for The Seattle Times as well as representatives from SilverNest, which is a national online house sharing service, and Tacoma’s Shared Housing Services.

Home Share programs connect home providers with home seekers. In exchange for providing housing, the home provider is usually looking for reduced financial compensation, assistance with household tasks, or companionship. These programs have been found to reduce housing expenses, increase security of both the home seeker and the home provider, and preserve the sense of community in a neighborhood.

The panel discussion is being hosted by the Phinney Neighborhood Association’s Village Home Sharing Taskforce in the PNA Community Hall Brick Building at 6532 Phinney Avenue North, Saturday, October 14, from 9:30 to 11 a.m. For more information contact Riana Nolet at

Photo by Sarah Lane.