Bainbridge Island is a positive, unique, and connected community. There are very few degrees of separation between us. We help each other because we know and care about each other.
People are at the heart and soul of what we do.

Escalating rents and real estate prices threaten the social and cultural diversity of Bainbridge Island. Many of our neighbors are struggling and even leaving the Island because of the high cost of housing. Some are young with families, some are retired, some are disabled, and many do vital work here that keeps the community going. 

  • teachers
  • first responders
  • retail workers
  • service providers
  • health-care workers
  • single-parent families
  • senior citizens
  • the disabled
  • young adults

All want to be here to contribute to this place that we love and to be able to say, “This is home.”

Statistics tell us what we already feel: that a balanced and diverse community is a healthier and happier community with more trust and less crime, more social mobility, and longer lives.

The 2016 City of Bainbridge Island Community Needs Assessment Report revealed that

  • Affordable and low-income housing is scarce.

  • The average home prices here are much higher than in the rest of the county or the state.

Bainbridge residents and service providers identified affordable housing as one of the most important unmet needs on the Island.

Housing that is affordable benefits all members of a community

Housing Resources Bainbridge is Bainbridge Island’s only independent, non-profit, affordable housing provider and advocate.

HRB is committed to ensuring the diversity and vitality of Bainbridge Island by providing and maintaining affordable housing opportunities in the community.

“Maintaining affordable housing on the Island is essential to both our quality of life and our economic success. The staff at Housing Resources Bainbridge is dedicated to turning the tide on the housing crisis through comprehensive programs that enhance our wonderful character.”
Senator Christine Rolfes

If YOU value a diverse and vibrant community, please consider supporting the important work of Housing Resources Bainbridge.